Chingón BBS! Órale Homie!

Sugar ANSI by Necro
Sugar ANSI by Necro <Fuel>

Órale Homies! Chingón BBS is a the birth of something NEW and something AWESOME!  I’m using the word “chingón” it in the context of the Mexican slang word which means badass or awesome.  I spent a lot of my life living in Southern California and have been exposed to Mexican culture through friends and the whole urban graffiti scene of the early 80s and 90s.  Although I am not Mexican by ethnicity and originally from the island state of Hawaii, I fee like one of them.  In Hawaii, Filipinos are the Mexicans of the 808 state.

I have never run a textmode bulletin board system that was entirely beautified by ASCII art.  I’ve always admired all of the beautiful ASCII boards that were mostly PCBoard systems in the 90s.   I’ve been an ANSI artist for over 2 decades and have been a part of the bbs community for quite some time. I have always admired many BBS systems that were customized with ASCII art.  I felt it was time for me to finally build up one for myself! 😀  I want to build a system that everyone will surely admire and enjoy.

The gist of all the ASCII artwork that I’ve received so far has been by Anachronist of Impure ASCII.  If you want to see what this talented ASCII artist can do to a board, go take a look at his board by telneting to port 1940.  Anachronist is one of the most devoted sysops out there that not only draws amazing ASCII artwork for his own board but takes the time to customize and create mods for his own system.   From the first day we collaborated on what look and feel I wanted for the board, he was able to deliver the vision that I had for it.  The customization doesn’t stop there.  Chingon BBS will be showcasing some of the best mods produced by Phenom Productions and other modders in our BBS community.

This new bulletin board system has more then enough space as I’ve started it off with 8TB of file storage.  It’s housed on a Linux Mint 18 box with 16GB of RAM.